American Ride star, Stan Ellsworth, has true freedom in his heart

Thursday, July 11, 2013 - 8:00am
by Jim Mackley

Freedom in his Heart


Stan Ellsworth, the Harley motorcycle riding “biker dude” star of the American patriotic BYUtv show, American Ride, came dressed in his biker duds and speaking in his “eloquent” baritone drawl.  The occasion was the Annual Awards and Recognition Banquet of the Utah Sons of the American Revolution held in Salt Lake on April 20th of this year. Pleasant View citizen, Doug McGregor, Vice-President of the Sons of the American Revolution introduced Stan.

Stan came with his wife and related how he grew up in Charleston, South Carolina, and always had a strong desire to understand American history.  He became a high school history teacher, but always loved motorcycles as well. So, he said to himself, “I want to find something where I can ride my Harley and teach “real” American history.”  For eight years he shopped his idea. He was surprised how uninterested TV networks and producers were in a patriotic history program.  Stan gave his pitch to BYUtv and they warmed up to his idea.  Apparently, according to Stan, BYUtv leadership had been looking for a vehicle of Constitutional ideas in the media. American Ride is now into its fifth season.

Stan told the audience at the Sons of the American Revolution banquet that immigrants who come to America for freedom or people around the world who want true freedom are really “Americans” in their heart.  He says what is unique is that liberty was organized here and that is what America is all about.  With emotion, Stan says how much he loves America, and how God’s hand has made this country great.

One truly senses that freedom is in Stan Ellsworth’s heart!

Editor’s note:  American Ride  currently airs on BYUtv at 7 and 7:30 pm on Monday nights (check for scheduling, as it is repeated several times during the week), and is also available around the country on the BYUtv cable channel.