Interfaith Event to Strengthen Faith in Constitution

Thursday, November 13, 2014 - 10:15am
Dakota Tuck

North Ogden—One early morning in September over 100 people gathered at sunrise interfaith service honoring Constitution Day.  The day opened with the Pledge of Allegiance led by Avonlee Jessop, junior Class President of Weber High School, and followed by an opening prayer led by an LDS seminary Student. The group participated in the National Anthem and veterans were honored.

Mr. Robert Christofferson was given a certificate of recognition for being a "Defender of Flag and Constitution" for his service in North Africa during WWII by John Reynolds, who represented the Constitution Day Committee.  This was followed by remarks by Mr. Christofferson urging them to read and understand the Constitution. The remarks were especially poignant coming from an honored veteran who was willing to lay down his life in defense of the values intrinsic in the Constitution of the United States of America.

            The Veterans present were recognized with enthusiastic applause. Weber County Commissioner Chairman Kerry Gibson then gave remarks about the importance of knowing the great document of the Constitution. Afterwards, Ms. Deb Jackson informed students that she would be in their history classes to discuss the Constitution.

            While the crowd was small in number, they were valiant in heart and in their love for the Constitution.  Constitution Day is all about honoring the values and integrity found within the words of that great document. This Interfaith event brought together a group of like-minded individuals who still believe that the Constitution is a valid document. That it should be respectfully followed. This crowd rallied at sunrise to declare that the Constitution is the founding document of this great country. It reinforced that our Constitution should still be the foundation of our nation and is far from being an outdated document. The speakers all reiterated the importance of not only reading it, but understanding it and upholding  the Constitution and all it stands for.