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2*22*2018 - Dave Says

Dear Dave,

I received a call the other day from a company saying it could negotiate the balance on my credit cards to a lesser amount. The caller also said they could get me a zero-percent interest rate until the debts were paid off, and then the accounts would be closed. I’m kind of starting over again financially, because I sold a company I had run for almost 15 years, then got into real estate and lost almost everything. I’m making just enough to squeeze by, and my credit card debt totals $40,000. Would this be a good idea?


Dear Bill,

2*21*2018 - Will Automation Kill Our Jobs?

Will Automation Kill Our Jobs?

2*20*2018* smoothie Ideas

2*19*2018* Ideas For a healthier Mind and body

2*18*2018 - 5 Ways Leaders Can Achieve Personal Wellness – And Inspire It In Others

5 Ways Leaders Can Achieve Personal 
Wellness – And Inspire It In Others

Leaders in companies and organizations often face enormous demands on their time, but the best leaders realize they can’t let those demands become so overwhelming that their health suffers as a result.

2*17*2018* Protect American Ideas Through Trade

Protect American Ideas Through Trade
By Brian Pomper

We take for granted that the "ordinary" things we use every day are in fact extraordinary inventions and breakthroughs that took years of investment, work, and commitment to bring to life.

Among these are the technologies that allow you to watch a movie on a streaming platform or read the new novel from your favorite author on your tablet, or the life-saving medicine that wasn't around 10 years ago, or even 10 months ago.

2*16*2018 -5 Ways To Fight Fatigue And Energize Your Life

5 Ways To Fight Fatigue

And Energize Your Life

Feeling tired is a common complaint people express. Sometimes the self-description morphs into “I feel tired all the time,” and experts say that’s when extreme tiredness becomes better known as fatigue.

Fatigue, when someone lacks energy and feels exhausted mentally or physically, can negatively impact performance at work, family life, and social relationships. Often, it is not a medical issue, but one that can be reversed by a lifestyle change.


Wildlife news releases - Feb. 15

Time is Running Out

Big game hunt applications due by March 1

If you want to hunt big game animals in Utah this fall, the clock is ticking. Applications for hunting permits are due no later than 11 p.m. on March 1.

The best way to apply is at

Save the Date KIDSOUTandABOUt february - march

Save the Date!

Washington’s Advice Rejected by both Parties

Washington’s Advice Rejected by both Parties

By Harold Pease, Ph. D

Avoiding national debt was one of George Washington’s greatest admonitions yet neither liberals nor conservatives have paid much attention to it.  It would be well to reflect on his advice this President’s Day.

The trillion dollar Republican proposal will raise overall spending caps by about $300 billion over the next two years and will make interest on the debt the largest growing part of the federal budget.  This expenditure of the people’s hard-earned taxes purchases nothing—simply vanishes.


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